Monday, February 2, 2015

HST continues its run of interviews with classic artists of the low brow scene with a quirky coversation with Moose from Jab Comics!

What age did you start drawing, have you always been drawn to the fantasy/adult scene?
Like most kids I have always drawn.  I think it was by the third or fourth grade that I started getting more attention from the other students and teachers because my art was a little better than most of the other students.  Around 5th or 6th grade I fell in love with Boris Vallejo's work.  It blew me away that someone could draw women that beautiful.  From about there I noticed I started putting more time into drawing women.  I also started reading more comics with female leads (like She Hulk and Red Sonja).   In my late teens/mid 20's I got really into pinup  and cheesecake art from the 50's.  I still didn't know one could make a living drawing smut but I knew I wanted to draw sexy for a living.

What prompted the change from main stream marvel work to the low brow porn scene?
The reality is I started getting bored painting men in tights.  Working as a color artist for Marvel was great, and it was definitely on my bucket list but  I wanted to work with more hot chicks.  I started working for Marvel in 2004 but I began coloring for the comic porn site in 2006.  Working for both was great balance for me because if I ever got sick of painting men in latex I could switch over to people fucking later that evening.  I truthfully never thought about leaving mainstream comics for porn until I had a conversation with our late webmaster and JAB [from jabcomix].  Once we talked about the opportunities, where they though the industry was going, etc. I knew I wanted to be a full time porn artist.  


No regrets? Nothing you miss about the main stream side of things?
The only thing I miss about mainstream comics is I miss telling more people what I do.  When I'm out with my friends or at a family event, at some point someone says, "he used to work for Marvel..."  Then when the question hits, "so what do you do now?"  I can't go into details on what I do or where to buy my work.  Most my family has known I've done pinups and sexy drawings for years so if they found out I did nothing but porn, it wouldn't shock most of them.


Crumb said he would often masterbate to his work, you ever endulged similarly?
No, because I'm too critical of my own work.  When I look at it I may laugh (if it's a humorous moment) or get a little hot under the collar if it's sexy but in the end, I'll just think of the technical things that I could have done better.  It's hard  (no pun intended) for me to get immersed in my own work that way.

 What you think of porn at the moment, some say we are in some sort of anal renasionce?
I would have to agree, anal has taken over or as the primary metric of porn sluttiness.  If you're a girl in porn who doesn't do anal, you have an asterisk by your name.  I don't care how dirty she performs, at the end of the day, some guy is going to point out that she doesn't take it in the buns.  If she's good, or hot or whatever she can still do ok, but the anal crowd is a big crowd--think of us as the dairy lobby of porn.  I have a lot of anal in my work so I can honestly say, I appreciate this new movement.

Favorite project you have been a part off?
My favorite project right now would have to be my comic Chicas #28.  I drew and painted every issue of Chicas before this one, but this time a very talented artist named Mark Kleanup drew it.  I don't generally write for other artists so this was the first time I  I have ever had an artist draw my story, with my characters, and for my web site no less.  Mark is a much better artist than I am so seeing a top tier artist work on your stuff just blew me away.  I was humbled and flattered all at the same time.  I colored the book so I did have a hand in it, but anytime I see those pages I just think, 'wow'.


Whats something you simply cant live with out?
Funny you ask.   I read Kanye West's Playboy interview  years ago and he said he always carries porn on him where ever he goes.  Back then I thought, 'what a weirdo'.  And don't get me wrong, Kanye is a bat shit but we may have a little something in common.  I don't have to carry porn with me per se (though owning a smart phone helps make that possible), but I LOVE porn.  I used to think I'll quit looking at it when I reach a certain age, have kids, get married, etc.  So far nothing has came between me and my desire to see girls rub each other or see some poor girl take it in the butt.  And now that porn is mainly what I do for a living, I don't see that changing.


How did you loose your virginity?
I lost my virginity when I was 17.  The girl I was dating at the time was housesitting for someone and we went there and humped like rabbits.  I gave her the best 45 seconds of her life.   

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