Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Check Out the Only Known Fight Footage of Charles Bronson

"Britain's Most Violent Prisoner" is both a brute and, surprisingly, a bit of a sweet scientist.

Charles Salvador, born Michael Gordon Peterson, aka Charles Bronson and Charles Ali Ahmed, is probably best known as "The Most Violent Prisoner in Britain," an honorary title attached to his name hundreds of times by the British press during the 40 years he's spent in prison since knocking over a post office in 1974. During that time Salvador, now 62 years old, has attacked more than 20 guards and dozens of his fellow prisoners, taken 11 hostages, caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to prisons and hospitals, spent decades in solitary confinement, and initiated numerous one-man protests and hunger strikes. He was even the subject of a movie starring Tom Hardy. But not even an absurdist phantasmagoria of cinematic violence like Bronson can begin to capture the wild fame-hungry rage of the man himself.

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