Monday, October 20, 2014

The man who made that Hatred trailer says the game is all about honesty

Is Hatred a cynical and gratuitous work of stunningly poor taste? Or is it an honest and uncorruptible take on the shooter genre, shorn of all unnecessary flim-flammery?

These were just a few of the questions raised by the release of the Polish game's trailer yesterday. The game features a protagonist who despises humanity and wants to kill as many people, indiscriminately and gleefully, as possible. It was a clear departure from other violent games in which the narrative point is something other than merely murdering people for fun.
The trailer was criticized by some for its brutal portrayal of a mass-murderer delighting in the slaughter of innocents. Others saw it as an opportunity to reignite the dying embers of a debate about freedom of expression, despite the fact that no one of note has called for its release to be suppressed.
I emailed developer Destructive Creations to ask about the game. I had already published an editorial in which I called the game "the worst trailer of the year," and "awful, awful stuff." Destructive Creations was aware of my position.

Here is the email interview with creative director Jarosław Zieliński ...

Why did you decide to make a graphically intense game about killing innocent people?

"The answer is simple really. We wanted to create something contrary to prevailing standards of forcing games to be more polite or nice than they really are or even should be.
"Yes, putting things simply, we are developing a game about killing people. But what's more important is the fact that we are honest in our approach. Our game doesn't pretend to be anything else than what it is and we don't add to it any fake philosophy.

"In fact, when you think deeper about it, there are many other games out there, where you can do exactly the same things that the antagonist will do in our project. The only difference is that in Hatred gameplay will focus on those things. I also do believe that we're pretty straight forward about this on our official website. Plus hey, you've got to remember that Postal was first and still is the king of the genre. ;)"

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