Tuesday, November 11, 2014

 oy For Toddlers Reveals Shocking Image: Painted pink and shaped like a flower, it promises toddlers “wonderful music”, magic and fairies. But if you peel off the silver foil, a shocking image of a girl slitting her wrists with a knife is revealed. Parents have spoken of their shock after buying this “Evil Stick” from a dollar store in Dayton, Ohio.
At first glance, the stick, which depicts a smiling anime character, swirls and snowflakes on its packaging, appears to be a “princess wand”. However, when in use, the toy emits a loud, cackling laugh and flashing lights. 
 Most disturbingly, it also features a picture of a girl with red eyes and an evil expression under a patch of foil at the end of the stick. The youngster is cutting her wrist with a knife, drawing blood. 
"It’s a picture of a girl slitting her wrists. I’m outraged over it," mother Nicole Allen, who bought the toy from the dollar store for her two-year-old daughter said.
"I want to know how they think that that is suitable for a child. There was barbie dolls on one side and baby toys on the other side, and these were right in the middle."
Local Tina Musgrove added: “You don’t want to think about little girls picking that up and thinking this is normal, or funny, or interesting, or any of those things.” 
The store’s owner, Amar Moustafa, said it was parents’ responsibility to read the toy’s label and determine what is appropriate for their children. 
"The name on it, it says ‘Evil Stick’,’" he said.“‘So from the name, if I was buying it for my kid, I would inspect it before I gave it to them." (Source)

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