Monday, December 28, 2015

It's common for people whose loved ones request cremation to spread their ashes in a place they loved after they pass. Sometimes the deceased will request a place for their ashes to be spread prior to their death. In other circumstances, people have urns placed in mausoleums. Or they may keep the urn in their home.

The Swiss company Algordanza has another proposal: they will take the cremains of your loved ones and make them into diamonds. The company filters carbon out of cremains and creates a diamond with the extracted material. According to their website, the starting cost is approximately $4,461 USD, 
"The starting price of an Algordanza Memorial Diamond is in line with a traditional burial and the mandatory maintenance of the grave site.A single diamond with no additional service is available from (Swiss Franc) CHF 4'259.  The final cost varies according to the desired carat weight and cut.
We would be pleased to send you our information brochure and a current price list."
Readers, what do you think? Creepy? Lovely tribute? Other? Weigh in your opinion in comments.

Images: Algordanza | -Via Bored Panda

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