Monday, January 11, 2016

17-year-old Tyler Hadley from Port St. Lucie High, had been planning a massive house party for weeks. His friends believed it was unlikely to happen due to the fact that he had never thrown a party in his life - his parents never allowed him so why would they now? His friends had asked if the party was still going ahead to which Tyler replied “I’m working on it.” On 16 July, 2011, Hadley had a Facebook conversation with his friend, Antonio Ramirez:
Tyler Hadley: sup bra
Antonio Ramirez: Chillen what you doin tonight?
Tyler Hadley: tryin to have a party at my crib
Antonio Ramirez: Your parents ain’t home?
Tyler Hadley: nope
Tyler Hadley: well their leasvin soon
At 1:15 p.m. Tyler posted the following mesage on his Facebook page:
party at my crib tonight…maybe
In the evening, he posted another message on his Facebook page:
party at my house hmu
As many as 200 teenagers showed up to the home that he shared with his parents who appeared to not be home. They all got drunk and took drugs inside the house and Tyler appeared to not care about the state his house was getting into. At one point in the night somebody joked “I smell dead people,” completely unaware of how true that statement was - Tyler’s parents, Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley, were dead upstairs in the master bedroom. Tyler had brutally bludgeoned them both with a hammer because they wouldn’t allow him to throw a party. Tyler confessed to what he had done to his parents to a close friend in the early hours of the morning when the party began to die down. He explained that he had taken ecstasy because he knew he couldn’t kill his parents while “sober.” He killed his mother first and then his father as he ran up the stairs after hearing his wife screaming. Tyler was sentenced to life imprisonment.
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