Saturday, May 21, 2016

March 1946: Marcel Petiot speaking at his murder trial. Petiot was a french serial killer who operated during the second world war, the majority of his victims being vulnerable jewish citizens who he lured in by offering them safe passage from France to Argentina or somewhere else in South America. He would explain to his victims that the South American government required inoculations and would then inject his victims with a lethal dose of cyanide he claimed was a vaccination.
Dr. Petiot would dispose of the bodies by burning them or dissolving them in quick lime, however in one instance he was caught in the process of disposing of the bodies, with the police discovering enough body parts for at least 10 complete bodies.
It is thought that Petiot is guilty of at least 27 murders, although the actual figure may be closer to 60. Petiot would eventually be executed by guillotine on the 25th of May 1946.

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