Monday, November 14, 2016

Some notes about rapiers:
  • they weigh about the same as your average arming sword!
  • they are not a foil, don’t confuse this, rapiers are just as stiff and strong as an arming sword. Foils are thin and bendy
  • They can’t be cut through like you think. Any sword can warp or snap under stress, especially if poorly made
  • They are quite long. They’re meant like long swords for reach however they are designed for more poking.
  • rapiers can be designed to be purely thrusting or even slicing.
  • involves a lot of neat stylistic guards and handles and has so much variance culturally.
  • the reason common cuts for a rapier are short wrist movements is because the blade end is long and can reach the opponent and stab them with said cuts
  • large blows for rapiers are still used, but the reason they are not common is because the long blade has a lot of weight and momentum to stop and counteract, in order to draw up your defenses after a cut. You want to be efficient in a quick attack without exposing yourself. However large movements and head smashing and twirling are still used.
  • when people have their secondary hand held above their head that is from the old traddition of carrying a lantern in the evening for fighting in the dark! It really has no other advantage or use today.
it’s a beautiful sword and it is my favorite.

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