Thursday, November 17, 2016

When Edmund Kemper was arrested on 29 April, 1973, nine years after killing his grandparents, he was still standing in the phone booth in which he called the police. He had recently just killed his mother and a visiting friend. He bludgeoned her with a claw hammer and then slit her throat, before decapitating her. After years of torment handed down to him by his mother, he decided he wasn’t yet satisfied - he proceeded to engage in irrumatio and throw darts at her severed head. He threw her tongue and larynx into the garbage disposal, claiming he saw it fitting for her penchant for “bitching and screaming at me over so many years.” Standing at a hulking 6′9″, Police Chief Robert Mayber exclaimed: “I’m glad he didn’t decide to resists arrest. He’s big enough to beat a mountain lion with a switch.” He readily confessed to killing six other coeds.

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