Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Reblog the shit out of this, ok? Everyone was acting like he was some sideshow attraction while his fifteen min of fame ran its course, and look, he’s done A Thing. He is not an idiot, he is not just some stupid kid from the projects. He got his family out, and he helped other people. I know people say things need more notes as some kind of guilt thing. But no, this needs more notes. 13k is not enough.
Didn’t he also become a kickass hairdresser and businessman? This dude is the best.
EDITED TO ADD: AND he launched a sex offender tracker app! hoooooly shit
i always thought it was weird how people were making fun of a guy who saved someone from being raped and then warned people on the news to defend themselves against rapists, like, this dude is cool as shit
(via kenzieinthesky)

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