Tuesday, January 24, 2017


A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Building The Greatest Space Telescope Of All

“Yes, the science will be incredible. As Garth Illingsworth said about this telescope, “we’re going to learn more in one day from James Webb Space Telescope than mankind currently knows” about the first galaxies in the Universe. Just like the “Hubble Key Project” wasn’t even the greatest find that the Hubble Space Telescope made, perhaps with its unique capabilities, JWST will reveal even deeper secrets about the Universe than what we know to look for. In less than two years, we’ll begin to find out. But without the team of engineers who designed, built and executed all of this to exquisite precision, we wouldn’t have any of it at all.“
Launching in October of 2018, the James Webb Space Telescope will revolutionize our conception of the Universe. The biggest scientific find that we know it can uncover is how the Universe came to be the way it is today. How the first stars and galaxies formed, what they looked like and how they gave rise to the Universe we see today. But none of this would be possible without the incredible team of men and women who actually designed and built the telescope. At this most recent American Astronomical Society meeting, I had the chance to sit down with Jon Arenberg, the Chief Engineer in charge of building the James Webb Space Telescope, and got the inside scoop on how it actually happened, including the greatest challenges they had to overcome.
Take an incredible journey unlike any other you’ve taken, and go behind the scenes into building the greatest space telescope of all!
(via astrophysics-daily)

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