Tuesday, January 17, 2017

While the Maynard James Keenan-fronted Puscifer has always been a bit of a mysterious project for the TOOL frontman, even more mysterious is the surprise announcement of an otherwise unheard of musical act being selected as the opener for the 2015 Money Shot tour. Simply listed as “Luchafer“, our crew here at PureRockNews.com did some digging and here’s what we’ve found:

As a band or musical act, there is no trace of a “Luchafer” online or in trade rags. However, it’s mighty convenient that the Money Shot album art features two Luchador wrestling masks, AND the Money Shot tour ticket packages offer items like a Limited edition Puscifer wrestling mask autographed by Maynard, and VIP ringside (onstage) seating during Luchafer’s performance.
Add to all of that, the most recent full-production music video from Puscifer was for “Toma” featured the Flying Caliente Brothers, Clifton Collins Jr. as Hermano Uno, Jacob Vargas as Hermano Dos. Ian Cadiente as Hermanito Uno, Logan Cadiente as Hermanito Dos, Sean Hunt as LA PLACA, Chris Lisk as EL RUDO, Keith Gill as EL REFERI, Sarah Sandin as LA SANCHA.


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