Saturday, February 11, 2017

My DUDES! I know, i know... Every time one of your mates on facebook does something they think is worth your time or money it is always a wank - and i get it ~ its uncomfortable, SO im not busting your balls here, honestly... BUT if you want something to read thats half way decent, and will cost you 5 bucks, me and two of my favorite writers did a cut and chop story about a disfigured detective - a bar that serves breast milk and a whole lot of really porno shit that happens in between.
The cover work its self is worth a squizz.
Buy it or dont - its up here to download for free as always ~
 These people’s stories are tangled together like worms in a tackle box. Yet there’s always one worm who’s destined for the hook. In the not too distant future, a city bleeds ultra-light. Its inhabitants go about their business as neon night owls. Private Detectives and assassins mingle in with the wayward and lost souls. In the centre of it all Miss Sharlot "Kilowatts" Watson waits, unaware of the inevitable…

Artwork by the legendary ~ Keelan Aston Bell

Story by ~
Ben John Smith
Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Richard Wink


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