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Appalachian “hillbilly revolutionaries” from the Young Patriots Organization team up with members of the Black Panther Party for a “Free the Panthers” event, late 1960s
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“The Young Patriots wore a rebel Confederate flag on their blue jean jackets and berets, and fought against racism. They participated in demonstrations against police brutality and housing discrimination. In 1971, a portion of the Young Patriots attempted to build a national organization, renamed the Patriot Party, which had no relation to the right-wing group of the same name.”
I just looked into this group a little bit and I found an interview (great read btw) with Hy Thurman (one of the original members of the group) and it came out after the Charleston shooting and the interviewer asked him what he thought about the possibility of trying to reclaim the Confederate flag as a symbol of anti racism and this is what he said:
“As we grew politically and respected the Black Panthers and the Young Lords we determined that there was no place in the movement or the world for the Confederate flag. It symbolizes a period of time when our black brothers and sisters were mere property to sold or destroyed at the white man`s convenience. And that the Confederate flag was created to serve as a symbol of plantation owners to perpetuate slavocracy. I would not recommend it`s use by any group or anyone or any purpose and believe that it should be destroyed as a tribute to those who suffered pain and anguish in a great dark period of our history.”
They seem like pretty cool dudes.
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