Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Here’s Why We’ll Never See the Gruesome ‘Event Horizon’ Director’s Cut

Released in 1997, Paul W.S. Anderson’s hellish space horror flick Event Horizon is a favorite of ours here on Bloody Disgusting, and we know we’re not alone on that. We’ve written about the film a handful of times over the years, and each article we write inevitably gets replied to with the same comment…


For those who aren’t all that familiar with the project’s creation, a much longer and more gruesome cut of Event Horizon was initially screened for test audiences, who were downright repulsed by the graphic horrors on display in the film – according to legend, some audience members even fainted during the infamous screening.

Paramount agreed that the so-called “director’s cut” was way too brutal, so they commissioned a new cut that excised some of the carnage. And that’s the version we’ve all seen.

According to Wikipedia, “Known deleted scenes include a meeting scene between Weir and people in charge of the mission in which they discuss Event Horizon, some dialogue of which remained present in the theatrical trailer; more backstory for Cooper and Justin, including a stronger explanation for Justin entering the black hole; a deleted backstory of the relationship between Starck and Miller; additional scenes explaining what the gateway to hell/black hole is; Miller finding a tooth floating in Event Horizon, a longer version of the scene in which Peters hallucinates that her son’s mangled legs are covered in maggots; a scene in which Weir hallucinates that Justin turns into his wife Claire; a bloodier version of Weir’s wife Claire’s suicide; a longer version of the scene where Miller finds D.J’s dead body with his guts on the table; and a longer version of the “Visions From Hell” scene during Miller’s final fight with Weir with more shots of Event Horizon crew being tortured.”


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