Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Im not on tumblr but I run a pretty low down and dirty web site that mainly pushes poetry and art so I have no sway or play in the online scheme of things in the clique you “tumblr famous” people run in.

But I don’t have a clue how you can justify what you have done with that 30 buck help line and still sleep at night. Or defend you self. Or play the victim. THAT SHIT IS NOT FUCKING OKAY.

That’s a fucking LOW  and SCUM BAG move to make, preying on the sick, lonely and afraid and then hit em up for 30 bucks… THIRTY BUCKS?! GET A FUCKING JOB YOU MISERABLE PIECE OF SHIT.

You’re a horrible, horrible, greedy  cunt of a human being who has taken a little bit of fame and used it to rob the venerable of what little they have to give. I genuinely hope for the rest of your life you have a tremendous amount of guilt for any money you took from these people.

As a man who suffers from pretty severe depression – let it be known you’re the kind of person that NOONE with a mental illness needs to speak with.

Compassion is rare, greed is everywhere.  Your just another problem in this world when genuine mother fuckers are asking for a solution.

Fuck you. Cunt. From the bottom of my heart.

Fuck you.
0458 345 143

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