Thursday, May 25, 2017


Like Star Wars, But With Better Parents

Two lovers from different warring worlds meet, fall in love, and have a baby. That’s where Saga started in 2012, but not where it stands now. Brian K. Vaughan’s critically beloved series with artist Fiona Staples does nothing but expand. Its like Star Wars, but somehow both bigger and more intimate. It’s part space opera with royal robots and part meditation on what it means to love and be loved. The fact that it works on both levels is Vaughan’s second greatest achievement.

His greatest is that he’s raised two children and been so inspired by that process that he’s allowed it to inform and transform his professional life. His main characters, horned Marko and his winged wife Alana, travel in a spaceship that looks like a tree with their daughter Hazel. And his readers engage with family issues. There are shootouts and mysteries and alien worlds, but fundamentally the 40 issues of the comic are about bonds and the way they are tested by time and fate. Also laser guns. The comics keep fans coming back because the relationships are not structural, but organic. The characters feel human even though they’re not.

“It’s been really fun to see people who’ve never read comics outside of the comic section of their Sunday paper get immediately sucked into this world,” Vaughan says. “I got the final line of the final page in my mind, but we’re not even halfway there yet.”

Fatherly spoke to the writer, who was previously best known for a story about the last man on Earth, about how raising kids changed his writing, why there’s so much sex work, and how his marriage provided a sort of physics for an entire universe.

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