Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Ben John Smith is a sandblasting monkey from Melbourne, Australia. He works on a garden to impress his wife where he drinks beer and anticipates the arrival of his second son.


A blackout.
Noisy generator
Trying to turn over
Wakes up my son.
He’s crying.
I get a flashlight
And growl at him
Even though he is scared.
He cries for a full hour.
A blackout.
The perfect excuse
For a story under the covers
Or a treasure hunt,
Maybe we could watch the
Instead I tell him
To shut up and go back to sleep
And he cries for a full hour.
The night before
We played hide and seek.
He laughed for a full hour.
I was the monster and he
Would hide as I chased him around
the villa pool.
On reflection
I was a much better monster
Than I am a

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