Correct Predictions by ‘The Death List’ so far in 2018

The self described ‘DeathList’ is purportedly composed by an “expert committee” according to its own website. In it, it attempts to predict 50 well known individuals who will die in the coming year in order of likelihood. Thus far, four of their predicted deaths in 2018 have come to pass.

1. Mark E. Smith - Lead singer of ‘The Fall’: Smith only just appeared on the death list of 2018, placing at number 50. He passed away due to cancer aged 60 on January 24th.

2. Billy Graham - Christian preacher: Graham was a frequent member of the death list, having appeared 12 times in total. He was placed at number six on the list this year and died on February 21st aged 99 of natural causes.

3. Stephen Hawking - Theoretical Physicist: Having suffered from ALS for decades, Hawking finally passed away on March 14th this year aged 76 after having been told he likely only had a few more years to live in 1963. He was placed 45 on this year’s death list and had appeared three times previously.

4. Barbara Bush - Former American First Lady: Having served as the First Lady of the United States between 1989 and 1993, Barbara Bush was placed on the death list for the first time this year at number 29. She passed away last month on the 17th of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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