Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I tried to create living zombies, with muriatic acid and the drill. But it never worked, no, the killing wasn’t the objective. I just wanted to have a person under my complete control, to do with as I wanted. - Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer reported that on a number of occasions he would drill through a victims skull, while they were still alive, and would pour in acid or boiling water. This was in an attempt to make the victim submissive and entirely within his control. After one attempt where he had poured hydrochloric acid into the skull of Errol Lindsey, Lindsey woke up complaining of a headache and asking what time it was. Dahmer promptly subdued Lindsey again with drugs, and then strangled him until he was dead - decapitating the 19 year old and flaying the skin from his body.

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