Wednesday, May 3, 2017

You requested it and so I made it!
Warning: Some material here contains jump scares and shocking material. Do not watch if you have severe anxiety and are triggered by such things
  1. BONGCHEON-DONG GHOST: An EXTREMELY creepy korean comic about a women who lost her baby. Yeah, this was the one that gave me a heart attack. (jump scare)
  2. OKSO STATION GHOST: From the same artist who brought you bongcheon-dong ghost (jump scare)
  3. ENIGMA OF AMIGARA FAULT: An internet classic that has definitly creeped a lot of people out. By Junji Ito, a famous horror manga artist.
  4. OTHER JUNJI ITO COMICS: I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about this horror manga artist, so here’s a link to a complete set of his work
  5. HIS FACE ALL RED: A comic about two brothers and the power of jealousy
  6. THE DREADED QUESTION: Dark, beautifully written and drawn with a twist at the end, read the comments for more testimonial
Feel free to add onto this list, I am sure there are those on tumblr who know the comic world way better than me!

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